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A rookie cop from L.A. gets stranded south of the border with no I.D. and must rely a local Mexican Banda (Banda Machos) to get him across the border the hard way.

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original title: Crossing the Line

genge: Short,Action,Comedy,Drama



duration: 25min


budget: $100,000

keywords: latino, hispanic

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A rookie cop from L.A. gets stranded south of the border with no I.D. and must rely a local Mexican Banda (Banda Machos) to get him across the border the hard way.


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Two awaken on Earth with no recollection of their past and embark on a devastating crime spree but are sent to an infamous lunar penitentiary named Dead Leaves.

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original title: Dead Leaves

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi


imdb: 7.7

duration: 55min

tags: Breaking out of prison was never this much...fun?


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Two awaken on Earth with no recollection of their past and embark on a devastating crime spree but are sent to an infamous lunar penitentiary named Dead Leaves. I'm not an anime fan. I started to go in to why, but deleted it and decided to write about why I like Dead Leaves. How I am going to do that is by saying that even though I am not a fan of the genre, FLCL is one of my all time favorite viewing experiences. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and have owned various DVD releases of it and watched them many times, each viewing finding something new. Until tonight, I was disconsolate that no other anime would ever make me sit up and take notice.

Now, Dead Leaves is not quite to FLCL's level, IMO; however, they are kindred spirits. First of all, it's a short, just over 3/4 of an hour, so it didn't have the time to develop its characters or plot as well, neither does it have the bittersweet, weird love story of FLCL, nor the coming of age subtext rife with adolescent realizations that makes FLCL so special, but then again, it doesn't want or need any of these. What it does have are tons of LOL, WTF and "AWESOME!" moments, packed in so tightly, this is something that will need to be watched again and again. It also shares FLCL's humor, twisted sensibility and style.

Another comment indicates that the director of Dead Leaves also worked on FLCL, but I can't find confirmation of that here on IMDb; however, I would not be surprised in the slightest that that was the case.

This short has given me hope that Japan hasn't only made one anime that I can appreciate. It is confirmed that it has now made at least two. This is a movie about visuals.. and absurd, over the top fun. An enjoyable ~60 minutes for your mind to take a rest. Let the mind take a break, seat it comfortably and allow the colorful animation splash a bucket of weird Japanese imagination to your face. I must say that this movie is best viewed without the subtitles. When I first was watching it without them I decided to turn the subtitles on so I could follow the story, but right after that I missed half of the anime's lively visuals. So if you really are interested in getting the full experience and don't know Japanese I would recommend to watch this one twice, once to get the story, and second time to actually enjoy the amazing animation.


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When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature's deadliest killer rules sea, land, and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace.

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original title: Sharknado

genge: Action,Adventure,Comedy,Horror,Sci-Fi


imdb: 4.1

duration: 1h 26min

tags: Enough said!

budget: $1,000,000

keywords: schoolbus, hurricane, shark, sharkfeature, cultfilm, disasterfilm, rappelling, disaster, losangelescalifornia, fatherdaughterrelationship, sharksploitation, killershark, spoof, horrorspoof, gore, bloo

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When a freak hurricane swamps Los Angeles, nature's deadliest killer rules sea, land, and air as thousands of sharks terrorize the waterlogged populace. I honestly didn't have much hope for this movie and have been holding off watching it for quite a while and I'm sort of glad i did.

I really enjoyed watching this movie, maybe not as much as other more realistic movies, but thought it was really funny.

From the start i enjoyed picking out all the wrong things in the movie and all the unbelievable and the funny and it was a big joke among friends.

Other than the obvious flaws that they have put in the movie purposely where some are funny and some a stupid, the story line wasn't that great.

I understand its a 'stupid comedy'like zombeavers however i found the story line of this movie to be all over that place and unpredictable which i don't like in these sorts of films.

I'm giving it 4 stars because it was a funny movie but very very different to others in the genre and i don't think it worked very well in this case. good try but stick to what you know. I'd heard a lot about this film but refused to watch it for the same reason I don't eat Mc'donalds very often. It just seems lazy and bad for you. My god was I wrong. This film had me in stitches. It was literally everything that you could ever want in a B-movie. Ridiculous plot. Blatant disregard for any laws of physics. Hilariously bad dialogue and over the top gore and deaths to boot. All without trying to be too serious to some kind of morale objective. Sharknado is the pinnacle of B movie sarcasm that is such a delight to watch. I would highly recommend watching this with a few friends, having a few beers and just relaxing into the side splitting hilarity of it all. Embrace this movie. When Hurricane David moves up the Mexican coast toward southern California, it brings with it massive waves, torrential rains, and a huge influx of man-eating sharks. Santa Monica Pier restaurant owner, surfing legend Finley "Fin" Shepard (Ian Ziering), fearing for the safety of his estranged wife April (Tara Reid) and daughter Candice (Heather Jocelyn Blair), tries to make it to their house in Beverly Hills. Accompanied by his Tasmanian friend Baz Hogan (Jason Simmons), waitress Nova Clarke (Cassandra Scerbo), and steady bar customer George (John Heard) (and George's bar stool), the four of them brave floods that bring sharks up through the sewers and waterspouts (tornadoes over the ocean) that rain sharks from the sky. Sharknado is a made-for-television disaster film based on a screenplay by Thunder Levin. It was followed by Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014) (2014), Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (2015) (2015), Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016) (2016), and Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017) (2017). Yes, there are several scenes that seem to pay homage to the mother of all shark movies, Jaws (1975) (1975). For example, when the crowds are scrambling to get off the Santa Monica Pier, there is a scene where Baz shoves an oxygen tank down a shark's mouth and Fin blows it up with gunshot, similar to a scene in Jaws. In another scene, Nova compares scars with Fin's son Matt (Charles Hittinger) in a manner reminiscent of Quint (Robert Shaw) and Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) on the Orca one-upping each other with their scars. This is followed by Nova's explanation of how she got the scar and why she is afraid of sharks. She ends by saying "Six people went into the water and one little girl came out. The sharks took the rest." just like Quint's description of the Indianapolis. Finally, toward the end of the movie, when Matt and Nova are flying over the waterspouts in a helicopter, Nova exclaims, "We're gonna need a bigger chopper" (Jaws: "You're gonna need a bigger boat"). Matt and Nova's attempt to drop bombs into the tornadoes, on the idea that the bombs will kill the sharks and also equalize the mixture of warm and cold air that created the waterspouts, proves successful on the first two of the three tornadoes. While Fin shoots the sharks as they fall from the sky, Matt and Nova go after the third and largest tornado, but the bomb doesn't land right and Nova falls out of the chopper. On the way down, she is gulped up by a large shark. On the ground, Fin drives the bomb-laden Humvee into the third tornado, jumping out just as the Humvee drives into it. The explosion neutralizes the tornado, but Fin is swallowed by a great white as the sharks begin to fall from the sky. Fortunately, Fin was carrying a chainsaw and, moments later, he is able to saw himself out of the shark's belly. He reaches back in and pulls out a blood-covered but still alive Nova. In the final scene, Matt asks Nova about her real name, and she replies, "Jenny Lynn." April kisses Fin, and the four of them turn to look over the shark-covered tarmac. No. Waterspouts and hurricanes have, however, deposited many smaller animals, like frogs and fish, in populated areas. See here.


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A man heading towards Rameshwaram via Chennai express to immerse his late grandfather's ashes unwillingly gets caught amidst goons after helping their boss's daughter and them board the train.

Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF

original title: Chennai Express

genge: Action,Comedy,Drama


imdb: 7.1

duration: 2h 21min

tags: This Eid 8th Aug... Ready steady po!


keywords: temple, trainride, ashes, love, grandfather, train, travel, escape, kidnapping, vacation, lastwish, trip, india, fistfight, waterfall, thrownfromatrain, jumpingontoatrain, fatherdaughterrelationship,

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Rahul embarks on a journey to a small town in Tamil Nadu to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather: to have his ashes immersed in the Holy water of Rameshwaram. En route, he meets a woman hailing from a unique family down South. As they find love through this journey in the exuberant lands of South India, an unanticipated drive awaits them. Rahul, a young man of 40, runs a sweet shop established by his grandfather, whose death gives him a chance to enjoy his life and step out of the regular stereotypes. However, first he is given the task of immersing his grandfather's ashes in the holy waters of Rameshawaram. While he's on the journey, he unintentionally becomes the part of another journey : to Komban village, because of being a witness to what happened with the ticket collector. The ones who did with the ticket collector were none other than the cousins of Meenamma, the woman Rahul had helped board the train. What happens further in this journey of adventure, comedy, drama, action, and of course, true love, forms the rest of the story. this is one of the most comedy,action,and love story package.cant stop laugh too.must watch it thrice,please do not hear other saying and watch it.its all about the man who has not face much things in his life and then he has to suffer a lot later due to certain mistake.there is no any sexual things neither any vulgar.so u can watch it any time any place anywhere.you will lob the film.thus you cant leave the hall even in interval.shah Rik khan salute to him.he is always doing different kind of acting in every film.the one and only actor who has take this bollywood to high level is always shah Rik khan ,the king and president of bollywood,the one who hates shah Rik khan is one who just watch film for wast ages. Rohit Shetty's keenly anticipated 'Chennai Express' lives up-to the expectations & delivers genuine laughs. Its over-the-top & zany, but then again, logic can be neglected for a while. Grab a tub of popcorn & reserve your seat for this journey!

'Chennai Express' Synopsis: A 40-year-old Punjabi man is on a mission to immerse his grandfather's ashes down South. Enroute he meets a young Tamilian girl who has eloped. Their lives entwine & his journey takes an altogether different route.

'Chennai Express' works because the Screenplay Written by Yunus Sajawal, progresses well & the humor, at most times, hits the right notes. The first-hour is filled with hilarious moments, especially when the protagonist, played by Shahrukh, ends up in the village. Post-interval, the pace dips & there are too many songs laced in the narrative. However, the action-packed climax leaves a strong impression. In short, Sajawal's Screenplay is well-done.

Rohit Shetty delivers one of his better films with 'Chennai Express'. He makes sure the viewer is entertained, even though the flavor of the film is mostly Tamil. He executes the film with confidence. Cinematography by Dudley is picture-perfect. Editing is fairly decent. Music by Vishal–Shekhar is superb. Art & Costume Design are good.

Performance-Wise: Shahrukh excels as the protagonist. He's highly energetic all through. Deepika gets the Tamil accent spot-on & delivers an effective performance. She's only getting better with every release. Sathyaraj is passable. Nikitin Dheer is villainous. Mukesh Tiwari is efficient. Kamini Kaushal & Lekh Tandon are noticeable in cameos.

On the whole, 'Chennai Express' is over-the-top but entertaining nonetheless. Whether it's the wealth of meta-cinematic references to both Shetty's and Khan's other work, or the evolving romance between Khan and Padukone, or the handsomely mounted action, or the occasionally excellent songs, Chennai Express always has something up its sleeve. 5. Highest opening week ever


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Cryptic action adventure about the undead voodoo warrior known as the Shadow Man who must stop Jack the Ripper and the biblical demon called Legion who plan to bring about the apocalypse using the sou

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original title: Shadow Man

genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Fantasy,Horror


imdb: 7.9




keywords: savingtheworld, talkingsnake, snakedemon, demon, antihero, referencetolegionthedemon, shooting, warrior, basedoncomicbook, voodoopriestess, enslaved, mask, hell, theotherside, underworld, cocoon, soul







































Cryptic action adventure about the undead voodoo warrior known as the Shadow Man who must stop Jack the Ripper and the biblical demon called Legion who plan to bring about the apocalypse using the souls of five notorious serial killers. Following the death of his parents and little brother, Mike LeRoi is transformed by a voodoo priestess into a guardian of the afterlife, or Deadside, known as Shadow Man. Not long after, an ancient demon called Legion plots to take over Deadside by taking control of malevolent entities called Dark Souls. Only Shadow Man can stand in his way... For Role Playing Games, this one has lots of capabilities. You can be all sorts of characters throughout the game if you wish, and the camera and 3D functions are very good. The environments, drawings, worlds that you are operating in and out of are just marvelous. So good are the asylums, caves, swamps, prisons, houses, and especially enemies that I am still imitating them and wishing for a battle with them almost daily - even though I haven't played the game in over 4 years! The chainsaw wielding, machete swinging, rock throwing enemies are simply outrageous and so fun to see chasing and attacking you that getting through them doesn't even matter. I could care less if I got killed since doing battle was so darned fun! There are flying pterodactyls throwing acid eggs, zombies wandering around trying to zap your life-force energy, as well as typical enemies with multiple types of firearms aimed against you. You'll hear Hannibal Lecter type slurping noises from the funny looking half-skeletons that are spitting wads of death at you while calling your name in taunting zombie voices. So many freaky and unusual enemies just make this game continuously exciting and amusing.

I truly enjoyed this game more than anything else I've done. It became my primary goal in life, getting time on the computer to play Shadowman. Even still my wife and I imitate the creepily funny sounds that the characters made, an amazing array of screams, grunts, taunts and eerie callings! This game has such an immense level of tasks and challenges as well as an equal number of differing characters to battle that you never grow tired of the next rung. Only true fault is that some levels might be navigated quickly by experienced roll players, and they may unfortunately finish earlier than desired. I was really sad that it had to end. I wish it would just keep on going!

Admittedly, the vocal track of the main character (you) is a bit slow and overdone and comes off sort of lame, and the concept of traveling to/from life and the underworld "deadside" also far-fetched. But accepting that concept and diving into the character becomes such an overwhelmingly fun experience who needs spend money on drugs, alcohol, movies, etc, etc.

I will add that as I review this years later, that by modern standards of HD gaming, the graphics may be a bit dated, but still very good. For the time, they are top notch! To play this game years later, it still has enough realism and detail that you will feel fully engaged and entranced into this underworld.

Why don't they make an XP version or patch I don't know. I have never heard anyone talking of this game so perhaps it didn't do too well, even I got it on big discount. The XP compatibility wizard doesn't work either, so I don't know how to relive my Shadowman other than finding another old windows 98 computer. I gave my old one away during a move before I knew it didn't work on the new XP. Hope anyone reading this can have the fun I did, it is great!! I don't even know if anyone will ever see this review since I just stumbled onto the VG section of IMDb. I hope that people do find this review, as the game Shadowman is far and away the most addicting and fun all consuming game I have ever used. And I have spent years gaming. A dark, atmospheric, creepy, sometimes scary adventure filled with Horror settings, characters, soundtrack, and creepy fun factor.

"Shadowman" starts pretty good with some intense cinema action and is followed with how Legion is corrupting the most famous serial killers. Excellent plot that will leave you breathless and wanting for more.

At first, "Shadowman" is difficult but the more you play, the more you get hooked in. The plot gets your attention and makes you wanna play it at night.

The graphics are superb and creepy. The settings are extremely well done. Specially the Underworld and the Prison stage. The soundtrack is chilling and filled with great sounds.

Please, give this game a try if you are into Horror Survival. This game has probably the best plot in recent years.


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Two brothers are forced to do whatever it takes to save their father's life.

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Two brothers are forced to do whatever it takes to save their father's life. Two brothers who are in desperate need of saving their father's life must sacrifice their own morals, and commit the most notorious acts of sin in order to come up with the money to save their father after he has a sudden heart failure.


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Italian Movie Dubbed In Italian Free Download Kuttram 23

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An Assistant Commissioner of Police, Vetrimaaran (Arun Vijay), investigates a series of murders related to the medical industry.

Download Formats: M4V, AVI, MTS, MKV, M2TS, 3GP, ASF

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Un assistente commissario di polizia, Vetrimaaran (Arun Vijay), indaga su una serie di omicidi legati all'industria medica. Vetrimaaran IPS è un poliziotto giovane e dedicato, pubblicato come vice commissario di polizia a Chennai, dove vive con i suoi genitori e suo fratello. Un caso apparentemente innocuo di una donna scomparsa a cui è assegnato, si evolve fino a diventare un doppio caso di omicidio. Anche se l'indagine lo porta a incontrare la sua anima gemella, il caso diventa più torbido di giorno in giorno. La situazione sfugge di mano quando la sua stessa famiglia viene coinvolta nel mix e viene spinto contro il tempo per decifrare il mistero. L'ultimo film che ho visto da questo regista è stato "Eeram" che è stato uno dei migliori film horror che Kollywood abbia mai prodotto ed è stato un trend setter nei giorni moderni del cinema in lingua Tamil. Ora che il genere è ben esplorato, puoi trovare ogni anno film come quello che sta uscendo. Tornando a questo, penso che sia un film decentemente fatto. Basato sul libro con lo stesso nome, la sceneggiatura ha privilegiato gli elementi commerciali come i film di grandi star.Altrimenti, sarebbe stato un lavoro migliore da parte del regista, così come per l'attore.

Come la tendenza di oggi nei film di Kollywood B per rendere un cinema parallelo agli standard internazionali, questo ha perso questa opportunità . Dopo aver interpretato con successo un ruolo negativo in "Yennai Arindhaal", questo è il suo film di ritorno come solista per Arun Vijay. Aveva lavorato molto duramente per la sua posizione attuale e per il ruolo in questo film. Spero che faccia anche dei buoni film in futuro.

Questa è una storia della polizia. Un omicidio, una persona scomparsa e seguito da un altro tentativo di omicidio, un giovane poliziotto viene a salvare una giovane donna, ma presto si innamorano l'un l'altro. Dall'altra parte, la storia prende colpi di scena mentre si risolve il crimine. Scoprendo chi e perché, la narrazione entra nel segmento finale e pone fine a tutto.

Film di qualità migliore rispetto ai film di lista-A e, come ho detto, ha avuto l'opportunità di essere un film ancora migliore. Una delle migliori storie di polizia con un buon casting. La lunghezza del film era un po 'preoccupante, anche se gestibile a causa della trama coinvolgente. Le canzoni dovrebbero essere state tagliate. Se sei un pubblico nativo, non importa, ma per gli spettatori internazionali, è decisamente insolito per un thriller così intensificato. Non sono favorevole a raccomandarlo, ma sicuramente vale la pena di essere un orologio.

7/10 La più grande risorsa di Kuttram 23 è Arun Vijay, che ha rubato lo spettacolo con la sua migliore prestazione in carriera che è sicuro di concretizzare la sua posizione di eroe di banca a Kollywood. Il modo in cui ha sottoperformato il ruolo di un poliziotto investito su di lui con il suo aspetto elegante e la realizzazione di un dialogo realistico ha reso i piccoli difetti della narrazione immateriali per quanto riguarda un'esperienza cinematografica soddisfacente.

La trama basata su un romanzo giallo di Rajesh Kumar è stata gestita bene dal regista Arivazhagan che è riuscito a creare un convincente versione cinematografica del thriller investigativo basato su pochi crimini medici, un argomento che non è stato discusso molto in Kollywood. I frame di Shakaran meritano una menzione speciale per dare uno sguardo lucido al film.

L'azione le sequenze sono state coreografate molto bene, in particolare la lotta verso il climax del film. La colonna sonora di Vishal Chandrasekher era adeguata. Sul lato negativo, il climax del film si è sentito affrettato e il modo in cui il mistero non era lded non è stato di impatto come ci si aspetterebbe. Il messaggio che il film ha cercato di trasmettere è stato mezzo cotto.

Nel complesso, Kuttram 23 è un thriller medico soddisfacente che ha abbastanza sostanza per qualificarsi un orologio dai silverscreens!


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Nefarious makes his attempt to take over the world using his mole drilling robot to steal a fortune from a bank. Now he can mount an all out attack that even Gigantor can't stop!

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Nefarious fa il suo tentativo di conquistare il mondo usando il suo robot di perforazione di talpa per rubare una fortuna da una banca. Ora può montare un attacco completo che persino Gigantor non può fermare!


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